The Society's Status:

Formed and registered with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in 1996, The Society of Professional Designers ( the "Society" ) is a global, academical, professional and non-profit-making accreditation body of professional designers.

The Society currently has over 400 registered members, mainly from countries and cities such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea. They come from various design industry, which makes the Society an authority in the design industry.

The Society's Mission:
To enhance professional art and design standard, promote the recognition of professional designers as a profession and further their competitiveness;
Build an accreditation system of professional designers, to ensure the standard of designers;
Regulate and promote the professional practice and conduct of the profession;
Organize design industry related activities, to enhance the public's understanding and recognition of the value of the profession;
Provide assistance to designers who pursues further studies or visits overseas, to further the interactions and connections between designers over the world; and
To contribute towards design- related cultural education.