Initiated by The Society of Professional Designers, the National Results Qualificatory Committee is a non-profit-making institution aiming to promote the development of worldwide outstanding brands by the pioneer-experts. The NRQC is established on the principle of “Consumer leads, Community supports”. Major activities include organizing “Outstanding Brand Award”,“Excellent Brand Award”,“Pass Certificate” and exchange program, research, seminar, training, etc.

The National Results Qualificatory Committee was established in 2005 by The Society Of Professional Designers, and has since been a pioneer in world quality movement.

国家级成果专家鉴定会 ( 英文名称 National Results Qulificatory Committee ) 简称 NRQC




(一)优貭产品:(包括服装、眼镜框、鞋、袋类、首饰、家具、电子产品、床褥、塑料及建筑装璜材料等) ;

(二) 教育改革与建设 ( 包括各级院校 ) ;

(三) 公众活动 ( 展览会、发布会、研讨会、音乐会及体育竞技活动等 ) ;

(四) 其它机构、公司、社团、公务架构等。