Above : 1st graduation photo
Below:14th graduation photo

Above: 11th graduation photo
The well established and revered reputation of the HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF FASHION DESIGN (the "Institution") has been built upon the illustrious careers of many generations of its graduates, and the tireless efforts of experienced and devoted tutors. 
Many of today's top local and regional fashion designers have graduated from the very premise of 123 Chatham Road.

Right : Principal making his speech on the 1st graduation ceremony

Below : 17th graduation photo

Above : 20th graduation photo

Below : 23rd graduation photo

Formed and registered in 1969, the HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF FASHION DESIGN was the first institution to offer fashion design education in the Southeast Asian region and Hong Kong. It has since been widely acclaimed as one of the best private fashion design institutes in the region. The Institution was also the first to invent and use interactive teaching techniques, which has since become the industry norm.

Below : 28th graduation photo

Above: 29th graduation photo