Since the formation of the Society, other than servicing members, the Society has carried out the following activities :

Continuously assess the professional qualification of designers, and award Certificate of Recognition;
Regularly mail latest trend and market information to members;
Provide assistance and helps to members who have visit countries and cities such as Hong Kong, Europe, United States of America, Canada, Australia and Japan for further studies, visits, held shows and business purposes;
Preparation for the publication of "Famous Designers", "Collection of works of famous designers" and the Society magazine;
Preparation for the establishment of Computer Aided Design promotion & training, which will be free for use by members;
Promote the use of information technology in the creative industry;
Organized the Hong Kong Design Contest, which was held in July 1997;
Co-organized the "Shantou DaLi Show", which was held in November 1998. Over 1,600 people attended;
Co-organized the "Shenzhen Super Designer Show" and "Prima Computer Aided Design Show", which was held at Shenzhen Shangri-la Hotel in December 1998 and featured well-known designers such as Walter Ma, Kevin Yeung, Lu Lu Cheung, Pacino Wan and Charles Lau. Over 300 people attended;
Organized 1999 - 2000 "China Design Contest", which were held in Yantai. Over 800 people attended;
Negotiating and forming partnerships with well-known educational institute to provide further learning opportunities for members to enhance their professional status and knowledge;
The promotion of the Society to all parts of China, and seek opportunities to form subsidiaries in different parts of the world.
Organized The Super Design Awards;
Organized The national Results Qualificatory Committee;
Organized ¡¸Skills Training - Aiding The Poor Project¡¹.